K9 Stories

Social Media Marketing

K9 STORIES uses your unique voice to bring brand awareness to your services or products through your social media platforms. Our team creates a custom strategy that caters to connecting with your current audience as well as your potential customers. Facebook is a leading platform but other social platforms may also be the right avenue for your social marketing strategy in addition to Facebook: E.x. Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. K9 Stories will build a custom package to tailor to your specific industry and needs. Are you ready to share your story?

What you can expect through this package:

1. Strategy

You and your K9 Social Media Marketing Campaign Manager will develop a strategy that will be used to implement content management based on your content clouds.

2. Content Creation

You will work with your K9 Campaign Manager and our K9 Reel Video Production team to produce photos and video content to utilize across all social media channels.

3. Content Management

Your K9 Campaign Manager will plan and execute your custom K9 Content Forecast on a monthly basis.

4. Ad Management

You and your K9 Social Media Marketing Campaign Manager will determine and establish an ad budget to be applied to your ad campaigns. All of your efforts will be tracked and reported on a monthly basis.

Ready to unleash your story?