K9 Local Search Marketing Team Member working on a clients listings at a restaurant
k9 Digital Advertising Agency Team Members checking local listing ads

What is Local Search Marketing (LSM)?

Klout 9 Local Search Marketing takes control of inaccuracies about your business online, helps you show up where you aren’t currently showing up, and adds details that help you stand out and build up your brand. In short – it puts your business on the map by being a central information hub that gives you control over what information people see about your business.

LSM is an essential, cost effective add on to compliment all other marketing efforts. People are 5 times more likely to go to search engines like google, siri, alexa, or facebook than to go directly to a website for information about a business. (It’s 10 times more likely in the restaurant industry). E.x. Siri, where is the nearest nail salon? – How are you managing the information that shows up when search engines are asked these questions?

Take control of your information & make sure people looking for you are able to find you and that they find the correct information.

Check the health of your online business information with help from our listings scan.