K9 Digital Marketing Event Management Team having fun planning a brand awareness campaign in office.

Elevate Your Influence

K9 HYPE specializes in building relationships with key leaders and organizations in our community to assist in increasing brand awareness. Ranging from news releases to event management, our goal is to provide a collaborative strategy to share information that is vital for your success and development.

What you can expect from this package:

1. Reputation Management

You will work with the K9 Hype Team to strategically create a reputation management plan that can be used to effectively monitor communications between your team, audience, and community.

2. Content Development

We will assess your digital presence and cultivate additional content that will be placed on more targeted platforms, such as: case studies, news releases, and testimonials.

3. Announcement & Event Planning

A custom package will be created for you that will effectively plan, organize, and produce coverage for a special announcement or event.

4. Perks of K9 Hype

In collaboration with K9 Hype, your business will have the power to reach a large targeted audience that can ultimately give your business the platform it needs to promote authenticity, increase credibility, and build trust among your consumers.